“We at Arbor Terrace enjoy having the ladies from Senior Oral Services come in. They have been very beneficial to our residents. From the very beginning, we loved the professional attitude that these three girls bring. We have one resident who can be resistant but with the warm smiles and positive attitude that Ann, Diana, and Kelly bring, they are successfully able to clean this resident’s teeth comfortably. They are very warm and friendly to all of our residents and their families. They are so knowledgeable when it comes to working with our residents that have a diagnosis of dementia. Our families were pleased to hear that we were offering this service in our community for their loved ones. It was nice for them to be able to receive this much needed dental service in the comfort of their own home instead of having to go out to the dentist. Our residents really have bonded and now feel really comfortable with these three ladies. We love our SOS girls so do our residents and families”

“I have been so impressed by the dedicated team of Senior Oral-Health Service in the way they improve the quality of life and the oral health of my senior patients who are struggling with being able to maintain a healthy mouth in senior retirement and assisted living communities. One of the few things that senior patients look forward to is being able to enjoy eating foods they like and they need healthy teeth to do this. The Senior Oral-Health Service team makes that real for them for the long term. Dr. Douglas B. Phillips (dentist).”

“The hygiene providers with SOS are incredible at what they do! I have seen their work first hand and not only are they excellent hygienists but it is obvious that they have focused training on the additional skills necessary to care for the elderly in a non-office environment. It is so important to maintain the oral care for these individuals as their health diminishes and to notice problems so that they can be addressed as many of the patients cannot express when they are in pain. These high level clinicians working are passionate about hygiene and they do so much to help their patients. Thank you SOS!”

“Our community sees the services of SOS as such an asset to the kind of complete care that we provide our residents. We are a Dementia Care Community, and it can be a challenge to complete oral care at times. SOS provides that awesome extra layer of excellent oral care! We are so fortunate to have been able to offer their services at Brookdale Asheville Walden Ridge. It means the world to our residents!”

“As a Senior Care Manager, I was so thankful to discover SOS dental services for clients residing in assisted living facilities. Sadly, the daily oral hygiene for seniors is one of the first tasks of self-care that declines as cognitive and physical limitations take their toll. I have been working with Kelly, Diana and Ann since Jan 2019 and more recently Sabrina and they are all excellent care providers. They each have a gentle bedside manner with seniors, their care and schedules are consistent. I receive by email a report directly following every weekly cleaning and their invoicing is easy with an automated monthly draft and the cost is extremely reasonable.”

“The professional quality and personal attention of the services offered are outstanding. Not only are the oral cleaning services beneficial for the recipient’s healthcare but they also serve as an important source of comfort and relief for family members from what otherwise would be an ongoing daily concern about their loved one’s oral hygiene and its impact upon their health.”

“I can not say enough about SOS. I have used their oral health care service for my Aunt who lives in an assisted living community. They are very professional and I am always sent a report from their visit. My Aunt looks forward to the appointment. I have piece of mind that she is getting extra help in her oral care. I know how important this is because I am a Dental Hygienist. What an awesome group this is and they give great care to their clients.”

“I would just like to say how much I appreciate the dental care that Katelyn is providing for my husband. She could not be more patient or kind, so in addition to having his teeth so well cared for, he also has a very pleasant visit time. AND, I get a report on how it all went….I like knowing what kind of an afternoon my husband is having, even if it’s not the best. And #1, the service that Senior Oral Health is providing gives me the comfort of knowing that his teeth are well cared for, which should make ‘Look–No Cavities’ a more likely reality….along with the fact that any potential problem should be discovered early on. My experience is that not only does SOH provide great Dental Care, they provide it with lots of Tender Loving Care. That’s one terrific combo, and I am thankful for their care of my husband..”

“Many thanks to SOS, Senior Oral-health Services, for solving a problem affecting my 101 year old mother. She is a resident at Arbor Terrace in Asheville. Maintaining proper and consistent oral health care for my Mom was very difficult prior to March 2018. Her age and dementia made it impossible for her to do this on her own. Fortunately, SOS services became available and wow, what a difference it has made! The professional hygienists work very well with my Mom. At first, she was resistant, but with persistence and relationship building, she is now a willing and happy client. Her teeth are clean and her mouth fresh. The outcome is amazing and the service is fairly priced. I highly recommend SOS to anyone needing similar service.”

“Thank you for taking such good care of my 93 year old mother in the comfort of her memory care facility. My mother is happy to sit still and have her teeth cared for. The staff is personable, gentle, and knowledgeable. I am impressed with the professional service and bedside manner and would recommend SOS to anyone needing in home care.”

“This service has been very valuable to me, providing essential dental care that I am would have otherwise been unable to provide my love one. Their service is both professional and caring”.

“So thankful to have found these folks. Mom is not able to maintain good dental hygiene on her own and I know the staff at facilities do not help with that. Having someone come weekly to do routine dental care has been a godsend and helped prevent more serious dental issues. The dental techs have been great with Mom! I highly recommend their services. As they say, “An ounce of prevention….”

“My teeth feel wonderful, and food is tasting better.”

“My teeth feel nice and clean.”