Senior Oral Health Services

Welcome to S.O.S-Senior Oral-health Services:

Our company, S.O.S-Senior Oral-health Services, is dedicated to improving the oral health of dependent adults. With many years of experience in the dental field, our team of dental clinicians recognizes the urgent need for preventive oral care among this vulnerable population due to limited access of traditional services.

Addressing the Critical Need for Oral Health Care:

Dependent adults often face challenges with poor oral hygiene, significant dental disease, and overall compromised oral health. S.O.S bridges this gap by connecting dental clinicians with dependent adults to provide on-site, weekly preventive oral health services. We understand the importance of maintaining oral health in preventing mouth pain, cavities, gum diseases, and improving overall systemic health.

Benefits of Our Oral Health Services:

  • Preserving Smiles: We help dependent adults preserve their smiles, maintain the ability to eat, enhance the taste of food, and freshen their breath.
  • Improving Dental Health: Our services focus on maintaining and improving dental health, leading to fewer oral health issues and reducing the risk of systemic complications such as aspiration pneumonia, diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke.
  • Cost-Effective and Personable: S.O.S provides cost-effective and personable preventive oral health services, ultimately leading to fewer expenses on dental bills, hospital admissions, and medications.
  • Comprehensive Care: We supply all necessary oral care products.

Facility Benefits:

Nursing facilities benefit from our services by entrusting the oral health of their dependent elders to professionals specifically trained for preventive oral care. This not only maintains residents’ oral health but contributes to the prevention of systemic health issues. Residents become happier, smell better, eat better, and socialize more, creating an overall positive environment.

Empowering Dental Clinicians:

S.O.S provides a unique opportunity for dental clinicians. We bridge the gap by allowing highly skilled clinicians to become independent business owners, serving the dependent adult population. Our clinicians can create their own schedules, decide on the number of clients they want to serve, and make additional income.

The Power of Prevention:

As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” S.O.S is here to respond to the call for help needed by our dependent adults when it comes to their oral health. Join us in making a difference and improving the lives of those who need it the most.